Friday, May 20, 2016


After years of bitching about it, we got rid of the falling apart computer desk and I got a new desk/sewing table.

I couldn't make up my mind, but then the 30% coupon happened with free would have been rude not to. Six metal drawers for storage and a nice big desk top. Thanks, World Market.

And books,  because reading is fun(damental).

 Advance Style, part 2. I'm enjoying reading the essays from older than me woman. There's still hope....haha. And John Hunk of Burning Love Doe's new book. Read this one last weekend. Was I one of the few girls that loved hardcore punk? Those guys didn't scare me, it was fun.

 The 60's. Andy Warhol and the Rolling Stones? Yep, in a nutshell.

 This is a beautiful picture book of Morocco. The photos are outstanding.

 See? One of my friends had her honeymoon here and loved it.
Maybe one day I'll go.

 A huge book full of fashion photos from the last 100 years.

 Look! The 1960's again.

For reason I missed the student art show's opening this year. But I thought this would be of interest.

Best piece in the show

It called "The Lion of Judah" and is made from junk metal. Love that it's on casters. It can be yours for  $12,000!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck selling it.

Work should be fun this afternoon. The rental of Beauty and the Beast arrives. It could take forever to check it in and give it out. Wish us luck on that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your workspace looks great! Good choice of books, too. Jon was a punk, he'd love that. Morocco is breathtaking. Mind you we went there over twenty years ago before cheap flights were available, I'd hate to go back just in case there's a McDonalds and Subway on every corner.
    That lion is incredible. x

  2. Nothing like a new workspace for getting new ideas. I love your new setup! And your book collection looks like it will give you hours of getting lost in your mind. I liked punk but I'm keen on the fashion photos. Awesome lion. I hope it sells!

  3. This is an inspiring post! I, too, need a sturdier computer desk and I've been procrastinating on shopping for a sewing machine because that would mean a mess on the dining room table, but now....hmmm?