Saturday, May 7, 2016


Did you really think actors sat quietly backstage waiting  for their next scene? Oh, hell, no, they take all kinds of goofy pictures of each other. All the following photos were taken by cast and crew members.

 Brandon Chandler, Austin Vickers, Ali Thomas, Haley Aguero, Hannah Findlay. AKA, Will Parker, Ali Hakim, Ellen, Ado Annie and Gertie Cummings.

 Dream Sequence Saloon Girls. Olivia White, Megan Foose and Hannah Findlay.

 A love triangle. Ado Annie, Will Parker, Gertie Cummings

 "Gertie Cummings" and the dancers: Brianna Edwards, Olivia White, Jourdan Evans

 Ado Annie and Gertie Cumming, Act II  costumes.

 Matt Tito, Megan Foose and Austin Vickers. AKA Andrew Carnes, Aggie and Ali Hakim

 Nick Baggarley and Caitlin Miller, people will say they're in love. And both are graduating today.

 Demetrice Cummingham, as "Slim", hanging with Gertie.

 Mikaela Brielle as Armina. Yes, we give the chorus actors names.

 Forgot this production photo from yesterday. The Farmer and The Cowman should be friends.

Even if you've never seen this show, you'd be surprised at how many of the songs you know:

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Kansas City
I Can't Say No
Many A New Day
People Will Say We're In Love
The Farmer and The Cowman
All Er Nothin"

Another season done. But in a week (next Sunday) we start PSST 2016. There's no rest for those of us who's life in on the wicker stage.

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