Saturday, July 16, 2016


Here are some show photos, which were taken by Genny Muncy

 Belle and her father (Megan Wheeler and John Payonk)

Belle and Gaston (Jonathon Brian Furedy)

The company singing "Gaston"

Babette (Sarah Wildes Arnett) Lumiere (Olin Davidson), Maurice, Chip (John-Laurent Dean), Mrs. Potts (Ashlee Dutson) and Cogsworth (Alejandro Gutierrez)

Yep, that's a real little boy in the teacup. He has a bench to sit on while his in the teacart.

The Beast ( Payton Crim) and Belle.

In the library

Mrs. Potts, Babette, and Madame de la Grande Bouche (Heather McCall)

photo by Rebekah Odell-Mathison 

A friend's little girl loved meeting Belle. We have a fancy new curtain to take photos in front of. The other side says "Valdosta State Theatre and Dance)

I took some backstage costume shots. How does an actor wear a chest of drawers? And sing and dance in it?

It's built around a harness and wooden frame work, and lots of padding. The clock that Cogsworth wears is made the same way.

 Here it is, resting between shows.

Mrs. Potts teapot costume just hanging around.

When the chest of drawers turns back into a human, she wears this, which was too big for the cubby and needed it's own space.

Tomorrow is the last show of the season, then strike and on Monday all the out of town cast and crew will be gone. It's also a sad time when that happens. We had a very good season this summer, lots of sold out or almost sold out shows and a good, hard working company. It's hard to believe that in a month fall semester will start and I'll be working on 3 new shows. 


  1. Thank you, Thorne, for the backstage views of those character costumes! One enjoys the performance as presented, of course, but the "how it was done" is often equally entertaining.

  2. ohhh, love to see how everything is made, particularly those big big costumes!
    and it looks a fabulous show!