Friday, July 22, 2016


The weekend of July 16-17th was the closing shows for PSST 2016.  Here's the last batch of photos. On to Fall Semester.

 Me and Kailah Gordon at the Secret Santa party. Kailah was our company manager and a VSU Theatre major.

 Christopher Taylor in his dancing fork costume for "Be Our Guest", and Tsung-Ju Clark Yang as the Awesome Wardrobe Head. (he's also my school year student assistant)

 From Ring of Fire. I made the "Minnie Pearl" hat. Chance Wall and Ashlee Dutson

 I lovely montage (Heather McCall made it). "Sweet n Low Down", "Delishious"

 Another montage made by Heather, she was very funny as the modern dancer/girlfriend. The "Delishious" number takes place in the bubble bath and me spent lots of time making bubbles.

Here's some photos the cast took in their bubble costumes. We used clear plastic Christmas ornaments. They were painted and sprayed with glitter paints, then tied together with elastic, then sewn into a "necklace" that was snapped onto nude leotards. That way the leotards could be washed. They wore matching "swim caps". The 4 fellows in the number were really happy with the outfit.....haha.

We had a wonderful cast and crew, so many talented kids! I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors. As always, the production photo were taken by Genny Muncy and the backstage ones are by the people in them.



  1. What a brilliant solution to the "need big bubbles/must wash leotards" challenge! Less experienced costumers would probably piddle around with balloons. * Someday you must post about making and caring for wigs, Thorne. I do keep prompting you to write a "how to" book for amateur theatrical companies: hats and wigs could make a big chapter!

    1. wigs aren't my area. But.....if the wigs aren't human hair ones(which get washed with shampoo/conditioner)and they are not too cheap(don't tell The Boss) I put them in mesh bags and wash them in the washer on cool/delicate. It gets all the product and sweat out of them, pretty amazing and a lot easier them washing them by hand.

  2. Great photos! What a fun production - albeit with lots and lots of work in there. I love how you made the bubble costumes. How many people get to say this in the morning: Okay, hon, I'm off to work, I have to go make more bubbles.