Friday, October 7, 2016


We're far enough inland not too get much from this one. My friends and family that live in Florida are reporting in via Facebook. So far it seems most are OK.  Haiti is a different matter. That country can't seem to ever get a break. If you're so inclined, there's a link to charities on the CNN website.

On a different note: this plant went crazy with the blooms. 

 This plant has never had so many blooms before. I think it's called a Night Blooming Ceres. I got it as a "pass a long" plant from a woman I worked with.


The hurricane isn't over, it's making it's way up the East side of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Stay save everyone that lives in the path. And lets hope that it doesn't hook back around.


  1. That plant is beautiful.
    Its heartbreaking that the poor Haitians are having to go through yet another tragedy. xxx

  2. The blossoms on this lovely plant remind me of the feathers of Moluccan cockatoos I watch on YouTube. Do the blooms have any fragrance?

    Poor Haitians. My hairdresser has supported them through her church mission for years, so we clients actually know certain villages and people by name. Shall take some cash for "the jar" when I have the next appointment!

  3. I hate that there's a hurricane and I'm not sure how it is now but I was really hoping it'd bring some rain and cooler weather our way.