Wednesday, October 26, 2016


For an early Halloween, here's a creepy clown.


For the past couple of months there has been a rash of creepy clown sighting around the USA (no, not Trump (sorry, couldn't help myself)). Reports of clowns tiring to lure children into the woods ( not a plug for the show I've been working on), jumping out and scarring people. I don't get the terror that someone dressed up in a clown costume  causes. Theories, anyone?

Speaking of the woods, I've been working on a awesome costume. I'll be doing a post about that in a week or so. Stay tuned. 


  1. I don't like clowns. I never liked Bozo either, or the Patch Adams character with the red nose. They both freaked me out. I like this clown though. And I would probably like a wig like that too. The costume sounds intriguing!
    Part 222? Hahaha, well done.

  2. creepy indeed! there's something sad and scary in clowns, probably it's all about compulsory joy which frightens me off!

  3. This little refugee from Comedia della Arte doesn't scare me, either; however, the masked maniacs running about with ball bats and chain saws represent the sort of anarchy that threatens one's ability to walk safely in a park or supermarket parking lot. Any creepy clowns appearing on my doorstep this Halloween should be under 5' tall or else!