Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Last Wednesday I ran out of the house so quick, I forgot to do a Weird Doll post. We were headed out for a visit to my BFF's place.  Sorry about that. We had a wonderful visit. Of course, we went shopping on Black Friday to the Goodwill outlet. No way do I go anywhere near a mall. But first we had early Christmas. I gave  her one of the typewriters from the auction ( the one that works) and a scarf and children's book called Who Was Frida Kahlo?


 More jewelry for me.

 Did anyone know the Jessica Lange was a photographer? I didn't. That was part of my gift. Another Better Homes and Garden cookbook? Sure, why not? I bought it at a used bookstore where all the books are $2.

 A girl can't have too much Day of the Dead things. Got the socks and table runner at Thrift Town. I do own an iron.

 A large, pretty wrap around shawl for me and a cashmere muffler for the Doctor.....both for under $3.

 I'm loving this purple bag. The Liberty of London tie jump off the rack into my hands.

For the second Thanksgiving we had a meal from a supermarket. That's sounds awful, but it's not. There was only 3 of us and my BFF doesn't cook. If I was doing the cooking, I would have had to drag all my cooking stuff with us and then go to the store....on Wednesday night....to shop. No thank you. Sometimes ready made is just as good as homemade. Thank you, Publix.

Last month I won this phone at an auction and forgot to post it.

Think it was $15. The phone is about 6 pounds and "blunt force trauma" could happen. The label says "private to tavern". I have no idea if it works, that plug looks old and hinky.

It's almost the end of the semester, which means Christmas break (and another vacation) is a couple of weeks away. The students are all rushing around, getting their projects finished, me and The Boss are working on costumes for the opera, which is in January. We're re-using ones from Romeo and Juliette that we made 5-6 years ago. Two of our assistants are working on their next semester show project. Show Biz, it never ends.

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  1. That phone is fabulous and I love the jewellery, too! x