Sunday, February 12, 2017


For no reason? Or you had a rough month? We open the 4th show of the year this coming week. And I've been having an after vacation bummer. I'd say that's the perfect time for a cheer up gift.

 Bought myself a new thing from a on-line store called redbubble.

 A beautiful scarf by the spygirl herself, Anne Bray. I'm art! And I think that one in the blue tights is Curtis Monk!  This is a way cool scarf, and the first day below 70, I'll be wearing it to work.

 And a sticker.

Finally, the hot glue burn I got 2 weeks ago is almost healed. Be careful when you're hot gluing eyebrows on a camel. (it's a childern's tour)

Me as more art. One of the students likes to draw, she made this of the costume shop crew. That's Cassy, me, Christie Jo and Clark. The Boss was up in her office doing teacher stuff, which is why she wasn't included.


  1. I love your scarf! How cool that you are on it - it's the best conversation piece. I got other items by Anne but now, seeing this, I'm thinking I should have got the scarf. Heh. I'm glad your injury is healing. And excellent sketch as well.

  2. I loooooove RedBubble!!! Sweet scarf - I see you :D

  3. Sometimes I do. And I love your scarf! EEK! Will have to check into that! Thanks for sharing!