Friday, May 19, 2017


Graduation was outside on the front lawn of the university and started at 7pm...didn't get finished till almost 10:30pm. Somewhere around 1,200 students graduated. I didn't go, but went to a more important (at least in my mind) event: Honors Day for the Collage of the Arts.

Student Assistant #1, Christie Jo Mayo, got the award for service to the theatre program. You get this for stepping up and going above and beyond.

 Christie Jo and her proud mother, Val. This is the only photo I took, all the other ones are from the students.

 The Front Lawn. The building in the middle, with the dome, is West Hall, one of the oldest building on campus. Maybe 100 years old. Taken from the drone.

Backstage, or waiting to line up and get the party started.

 In front: Eric Flexer and Kailah Gordon. Austin Vickers, Mikaela Brielle, Jasmin Leilani, Talor Finley. Christie Jo, Cassandra Stowe, Rey Hicks. James Burch, Wendell Hester, Vaughn Stevens.

 Cassy (student assistant #3) and Austin Vickers. Cassy is an actor tech this summer at PSST.

 Eric Flexer and Talor Finley. Eric is our assistant stage manager this summer.

 I don't know, maybe we should have flunked her!

 Talor and Mikaela waiting in the wings. With Rey, Vaughn and Wendell in the background.

 Talor, Cassy, and Wendell being photobombed by Vaughn.

 Cassy and Jasmin.

 Vaughn and Talor.

 James looking very serious. This was an official VSU grad photo.

Camera? What camera. Kailah and Mikaela are ready for their close-ups. Jasmin, Kasi Basco and Austin are being way to serious. Another official photo.

Last but not least, Talor and Lizzie McCullars. Lizzie got to carry the Collage Of the Arts banner because she had the highest GPA in the Collage of the Art: 3.97. She also just stared in Midsummer Night's Dream as Tatiana. Way to go!

That (most) of the class of 2017. Break legs and good luck!


  1. When I see these shining faces, I have hope for the future. Congratulations to them all. May their dreams come true!!!

  2. Until almost 10:30!! Heck naw! They should have broken that graduation up in the two parts! Lol!

  3. I echo Melanie's observation that these shining young faces infuse my tired soul with hope. Back in my print media days, I always looked for a bright smile to tuck into a corner of a dark news page.