Wednesday, May 3, 2017


She's creepy and weird. "Bug eyed" comes to mind. 

 Sweet outfit and shoes for such a demented doll.

Speaking of "demented", here's a photo of our class of 2017 at the senior dinner.

15 of them. From the front row:

Kahila, Taylor, Christie jo, Cassy, Melissa (faculty),Sarah (faculty), Jacque (faculty), Eric, Barbara(office), Jasmin, Mikala,  Me, Austin, Esther (aka, The Boss), Jaye (faculty), Olin (faculty), James, Ethan, Vaughn, Wendel, Khali, Rey, Lizzie, Joe (faculty) and Duke (faculty). I think one student and a faculty couldn't make it. Ruth already had left (she lives 2 hours away).

The Senior Dinner has been a tradition for decades. We have something for our grads every semester. Without them, there is no theatre and dance area. (Don't tell them I said that)

Started pulling costumes for summer: My Fair Lady, Forever Plaid, and Shrek......proof we're crazy.


  1. lovely picture of those 'demented' at senior dinner, and those plays you've planned for summer look amazing!

  2. Oh, dear, this dolly reminds me of those extremely disturbing Victorian post-mortem photos of children: the ones with the eyes painted on the eyelids. Oh, dear.

    However, the Senior Dinner group reminds me of some wonderful faculty-student events I've enjoyed over the years. Even sammiches in the faculty lounge are nice, but a good meal in a nice restaurant is truly a treat!

  3. You do look a happy bunch. Hope dinner was good.
    I know a guy who takes the heads off those dolls and sets fire to their hair, they look amazing! x