Monday, July 24, 2017


Found some more photos from the summer shows.

photo by Paul Levy

 The second show was Forever Plaid. Which is about a singing group that comes back after being killed in a car accident in the early 1960's. I know, the "feel good" show. It's a juke box musical,which is a show with a very thin plot that has a ton of oldies.  It only have  a cast of 4, plus 2 musicians. Can you say "The easy show"? Andrew Poston, Olin Davidson, Imari Thompson and Steven Bidwell.

Photo by Paul Levy

 In the background: on stand up bass, Trent Harper. Piano, David Springfield.

A show like Shrek has a major make-up challenge: The actor has to wear a rubber headpiece, a nose, green make-up, over sized rubber hands and a fat suit. There's a company that  makes the headpieces, hands and ears. 

 Here's the finished look. Alexander Mendoza and Erika Moore, make-up artist.

 Here's what Alexander looks like in My Fair Lady, where he played Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Quit a difference.

 After before and after. Shrek wasn't the only one that worn the make-up. You can see Papa Shrek behind Erika, and Mama Shrek, Fiona,and Baby Shrek also wore the make-up. They got spandex hoods with the ears attached instead of the head piece. They had to change to other characters during the show.


 After show meet and greet with a group of happy children.

Three Little Pigs just hanging around in the hall. Cal Bumgardner, Brandon Chandler, Terrance Searcy.


 All dressed up for the Embassy Ball from My Fair Lady. Meredith Morse, Terrence Seacry and Alexandria Joy.


A couple of swells hanging around waiting for the show. Neal Mayer and Alexander Mendoza (both Actors Equity)  ready to go on in My Fair Lady.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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  1. Ms. Joy's ball gown is delicious! Love the color, love the fabric, love the drapery!

  2. so much fabulousness!, lovely costumes!