Thursday, July 6, 2017


Got back last night, but after a hot 7 hour car trip I was too tired to do a weird doll post. Next week.

Any way, the trip was fun. Me and the BFF binge watched a show on Amazon call Fortitude. Life above the Artic Circle in Norway, what could happen? Melting perma frost releasing 30,000 year old killer wasps, that's what. And a couple of docs: one above Iggy Pop called Gimme Danger, and the other about Peggy Guggenheim. We are well rounded in our tastes.

We always give each other gifts. I gave her all the Frida stuff I bought at the Dali Museum ( and forgot to take a photo of). Here's what I got:

A tiny armoire, a vase thingy which is holding 2 pens(robot and Day of the Dead skull) and a little blank book, a wooden wolf and a flaming heart. But wait, there's more....................

A girl can't have too much jewelry. Another peacock to add to the collection.

Of course, a trip to South Carolina would not be complete without a trip to the Goodwill By The Pound store in Charlotte ( it's on Wilkerson right next to the airport)

Ok, it's 100 right now, so it will be awhile before I can wear this long sleeve Jones of New York top. I am wear the fake vintage hippie belt. It's made in China.

Got the Doctor 2 new shirts: the long sleeve one is from James Campbell and retails for around $98. The other one is from Via Europa and is about $49.

Some future costumes. The orange is about 3 yards and the other is a curtain panel. The BFF found a real Mud Cloth purse, made in Mali. Grand total for all this awesomeness: $6.

One of our favorite places to buy books is the Dollar Tree, AKA, the everything is a $1 store. I buy fake flowers, make-up, party supplies and books. Really good books, as in $$$.

3 books for $91.98 or $3 at The Dollar Tree

So, shop second hand, don't be afraid to shop at "those cheap places", enjoy life,  and I'll be posting show photo soon....promise.    


  1. Freaking sweet jewelry there. I get my books at the Dollar Tree too! I haven't paid full price for a book in years!

  2. Woo Hoo! What a great haul, Thorne! Like Hollie, I shop "the cheap places" for my books; and like you, I shop Goodwill for my clothes. Just scored a Tommy Bahama silk shirt in glorious orange for $2.83!

  3. 'a girl can't have too much jewelry', that sounds like music to my ears!. Lovely jewelry indeed, and really interesting presents! that flaming heart!