Sunday, April 22, 2018


This weekend was the 9th Annual Emerging Artists Showcase where our Theatre and Dance Seniors get to strut their stuff.  This Spring we will graduate 14 students in Musical Theatre, Performance, Dance and Theatre Tech. The Musical Theatre, Performance and Dance Seniors  sang, danced to original choreography and performed scenes and monologues. The tech students had displays of their work. Here's the breakdown: 29 students were involved, 21 dancers, 2 choreographers, 2 performance and 3 musical theater, 2 tech. 15 African-Americans, 2 Hispanic surnames, 1 scholarships from Columbia, 1 exchange student from South Korea, 1 student from France and 1 immigrant from Taiwan.  We may be located way, way down South, be we're diverse as all get out.

Oh, and to up our cooler than you count, we had a special visitor last month. 

Yeah, that's Misty Copeland, Prima Ballerina at American Ballet Theatre sitting on our stage giving an interview.  Inspiring all the young dancers who came to the talk to not give up their dreams.

photo by Paul Levy

 Here she is with one of our dance faculty, Melissa Phios

Earlier in the day she took a class with our dance students. That's her dead center. You want bet nobody missed class that day.

What a semester. Now on to graduation, then the 2018 season of Peach State Summer Theatre!

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  1. Very cool, indeed, even if your school is located in the deep South! Love those grins!