Monday, April 9, 2018


Every February and March the Theatre and Dance area tours a children's show around the region. This year the show was a dance presentation called Plants View From The Hubble Space Telescope, written, choreographed and directed by Melissa Pihos (one of our dance faculty). It tells the store of Hubble the Telescope saying good by to her friends, The Planets. 

All the dancers interpreted the planets aspects through dance. All photos are by Genny Muncy. The costumes were designed by Tsung-Ju "Clark"--going to grad school- Yang.

 The planets are out of order. 

Mercury - Teyla Debose


 Mars - Maya Timmons

 Jupiter - Megan Foose

Hubble - Jorden Van Dyke

 Saturn - Taylor Sanders

 Hubble and Uranus - Erykah Finklea

 Hubble - All the planets handed Hubble a "planet", which got put in the sky. Earth is on the sky from the beginning. The Hubble Telescope is retiring and being replaced with a new telescope.

 Venus - Megan Foose. Megan dance Venus and Jupiter because the original Venus was injured.

Neptune - Rachel Tessin

 And not to be left out, Pluto - Olivia Rosenthal, who was unhappy about being demoted.


The children's tour has been an event for over 25 years. This is our outreach to the school children of our area, for some this will be the only live theatre they see. Ever. I hope we continue this tradition.  





  1. A sparkling backdrop for beautiful costumes, a story set to music, enacted by people who can dance! Congratulations to all who participated in this 25th year of outreach!
    Kids NEED to have these windows opened for them.

  2. It looks like a fantastic play, with fabulous costumes, lovely colors, and an inspiring story about science!. Congrats for this great work of art!
    Glad that children could enjoy this play!