Wednesday, February 13, 2019

WEIRD DOLL WEDNESDAY, PART 330                                                                                                                                                Let the countdown begin. 2 months until the season 8 premier of Game of Thrones. I got lots on new Funko dolls to share. Up first:

Gendry (Baratheon) bastard son of King Robert. Not Cersi's son(check out GrayArea on you tube for a video about that nonsense theory) We first met Gendry while his working as a blacksmith in Flea Bottom. To save him, he's shipped off to join the Night's Watch were he meets Arya. In a long involved storyline, he's put in a boat by Ser Davos and not seen again for 4(?) seasons. He came back in season 7, went beyond the wall with that group and who knows (George R. R. Martin?) what's going to become of him. 


  1. You're making me want to watch this show. So many cool characters!

    1. I swear I'm not being paid to promote GoT! The books are even better