Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yeah, to having 5 days off! For Thanksgiving Break we get Wed-Sun off. This is from Sunday and I was on my way to the mall.....don't use the last 2 birthday coupons. On Black Friday I wandered around the empty campus and took photos.

The old main entrance to campus. I think this arch was put up in the 1930's The building in the background is West Hall, home to the university President and the other big wigs
The new Student Union, which houses the bookstore, food court and ballrooms. We'll be going there this evening for a reception with the President. The invite says "business casual", guess I'll be wearing a frock.

We now have a bunch of public art. I don't know the names of the artists, but something tells me not of it is worth $20million. This one is in the front yard of the Fine Arts Building, were I work,

Rusty Balls (not it's real name) is in the backyard of the FAB

Across the creek, behind the library

Another view

I know who made this one, our former President Dr, Zaccari

In front of the Education building

A dragon in front of the library. Our football team is The Blazers, so it makes since

Pretty leaf benches.
I've been taken photos of flora, which I'll be posting shortly. Thanks to Vix, I have more storage. There's a reason I'm nervous about pushing buttons on computers, I'll tell you some day.


  1. You look gorgeous and both the Student union and weather are stunning! Have a fab time. Glad to be of service! x

  2. I hope you have fun spending your coupons!
    Thanks for sharing all this wonderful public art. Rusty metal is a very popular medium for public art here - it saves the artist having to rust-proof over and over I suppose, but it's too bad the cost of marble and granite is so prohibitive...

  3. That leaf bench is truly awesome!
    Hurrah for a few days off AND some shopping!
    Love that amazing entranceway, so beautiful.And lots of art is great, even if it's a bit incomphrehensible or whatever, at least it's an effort,I guess! That sort of art is frequently weird! I don't gte it, but I like seeing it about.The bench is especially good to me because it's useful.

  4. I love the sculpture behind the library especially!

  5. I love the leaf bench! And the rusty balls too and the lovely gates. Sarah xxx

  6. Sounds like you have a cynical view of art, much like my own :) Uni buildings look gorgeous.xx.

  7. Ooh, I like seeing all those sculptures. I don't think you have to understand art to like it, and public pieces makes interesting additions to the landscape. The dragon and the figures and the leaf benches are brilliant. And who wouldn't like some rusty balls?! xx

  8. wow! what an inspiring campus! I've very jealous.... you should see my old one (the old old one was Dartington college of Arts, if you google it you can see it was really lovely compared to Bucks New Uni where I finished my degree)Gorgeous weather too, bit jealous of that as well xxx

    1. Wish it was a tad cooler, 80 isn't very Christmasy. It feels like spring.