Friday, February 22, 2013


Right after this photo, the batteries died, I was going to take some more photos when I got home, but it's been pouring down rain since 2pm. That's one of my new dresses along the the most awesome purse
It's funny, when I was visiting my best friend over New Years break, I said to her "You know, I've always wanted one of those hand-tooled Mexican purses" Look what she found at the Goodwill on her way home from work.

It still has the original label and is in pretty much near perfect condition.

This old note paper was inside. I do believe the Seattle Hyatt House has a sign on the side saying you can fish from your room. Somewhere I have of photo of it.
Yeah, it's the weekend!


  1. That bag is beautiful and the label is precious. What an incredible find! x

  2. Interesting!! I know you can fish from your room at the Edgewater here in Seattle but I don't know anything about the Hyatt House.
    That is a gorgeous purse! I've been wanting one too.

  3. You're right! That's the one I meant.

  4. Wonderful bag - the hand tooling detail is beautiful!