Monday, February 18, 2013


Thanks for all the "get wells". I did and for the first time since New Years break, I went shopping.
This is the 3rd dress from a company called Tianna B. that I've found second hand. I know nothing about the company and as far as I know, I've never run across them new.  The label says "Made in USA" so that's something.

Maybe from the 80's.  It  has shoulder pads, which I'll probably take out.

The print is sweet and I like the little tie front

Ready for the next luau.  Made in Hawaii muu muu. It's hard to see the ruffle at the bottom
The print is wonderful. It also says "Aloha" Cotton blend fabric, so I don't think it's really old

I love buying vintage patterns(when they're cheap). Who know cargo pants were popular in the 1950's? Jacket not included.
Ok, I did my bit. The Girl Scout was wearing a pink tutu, how could I not stop and buy some?

My fingers are crossed that I stay health for the rest of the year. Thanks again for all the support. Love you all more than puppy dogs and candy bars.


  1. I'm loving that Hawaiian dress, what a gorgeous frock! The fabric's wonderful.
    According to the weekend fashion section of the newspaper dungarees are big for next year, you'll have to run up a few pairs and sell to the hipsters! x

  2. I'm with Vix, that Hawaiian frock is a blinder; I'm a sucker for anything with an exotic fruit or floral print.
    I really like the psychedelic paisley print on the other dress too, very lush.
    Pink tutu or not buying cookies is never wrong...I just wish I had some in the cupboard now, might have to pop to the corner shop ;)
    I'll send out a wee cosmic order for your continued health & well-being ...xXx

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better, the dresses are great, I have a couple of hawaiian-style ones myself. Don't know too much about Tiana B, but I have seen them selling on the QVC shopping channel here in the UK.

  4. Great dresses, you did well!
    Hope that's it for the sickness this year. xxxxx

  5. That first frock has the loveliest print!! The second is a sweetie, and looks 90's to me, maybe early 90's? It's just that small floral print that makes me think that. The Hawaiian frock is a stunner! Frocks are guaranteed to perk anyone up!
    Ooo, your Girl Scouts have better goodies than ours! XXX

  6. I'm sorry to read that you didn't feel well, I hope it won't happen again, this is usually the worst time of the year!
    The dresses are lovely, especially the Hawaiian one!

  7. I really love the ditsy pattern on the dress! And the tropical muumuu is brilliant as well! x