Saturday, February 9, 2013


Some photos that have been floating around my laptop. Huge bougainvillea growing up the side of an apartment building in Athens.
Dress made out of tar paper and nails. The hat is made form chicken wire. Atlanta airport International concourse

Last June on a beautiful, clear day, half of our pecan tree broke off. It missed the building next door and no cars where parked in the lot....thanks goodness.

A good up-cycle of campaign  signs. Atlanta airport

No martini's on the boat ramp! Stick to beer. Thank you, South Carolina

You know you live in the South when........yep, that's a dog sitting on top of the pick up truck.

Why you should keep broken jewelry.
It was boring at work last week because all there was to do was hemming, alterations and laundry. Sometimes "show biz" isn't exciting. But, the next show is gearing up, it's Pippin, so who knows what kinds of crazy stuff we'll be making for that?


  1. Great selection of pics. I love that tar paper and nail dress, it actually looks like something you'd see at some avant garde designers couture show, awesome hat too.
    It's very scary when parts of trees just decide to do a kamikaze, a woman was killed by a falling tree branch at the Royal Botanical Gardens here in London last year.
    Och, at least you can have a beer ;)
    In a park in Bangkok we spotted a sign that strictly forbade drinking and if you got caught you would "be fined, sent to prison or both"...sheesh!

  2. I enjoyed these pictures of your world. Your tree, while reduced in size now, is still spectacular!! Such beautiful light.

  3. Broken jewellery is always worth keeping!
    I adore bouganvilliea, bloody wish we could grow it here. The little thorns are a little disturbing, but the blooms!!!
    No martinis?! That's a crime, surely! O, I do love the South, what little I have experienced of it.......XXX

  4. The vine is the same colour as wisteria and lavender - beautiful!! That pecan tree pic is incredible!!!! I'm so glad there was no serious damage, but when I first saw the pic I was admiring all the hanging moss, thinking "oh that's beautiful, oh no that's a fallen tree!". I never know what to do with broken jewellery, but I can't bring myself to throw it out, no way! xoxo

  5. That pecan tree picture is amazing, what a miracle nothing was broken, it looks immense.
    That dress made out of tar paper and nails is incredible, what a mind that designer has! x

  6. Some gorgeous photos... love the dog especially! xx