Friday, January 24, 2014


I mean "SOUTH"

It's cold again down in South Georgia. In the mid 20's overnight. Stop laughing at me, People of Canada and Northern Europe. We are not used to cold here, heck, next week it'll probably be in the 70's.

Here's what I'm wearing indoors.

 Blue mohair cardigan, long black dress with a swirl design, tall boots and tights. Everything was thrifted or a gifted (the boots). Heck a lot of things in the photo where second hand: the rug, curtains and jewelry box (behind me) The lamp was from Target, duvet cover was on sale at Anthropology, and the little  chest is from IKEA.

 Here's a better shot of my outfit. The swirl design has about 4 different colors so it's easy to wear a matching sweater or jacket. When it's really cold, I tend to only wear earrings. Bracelets and necklaces make me cold, rings are kind of hard to wear with gloves. The poster behind me is from the 90's and it was fun to see the look on the framers face when I took it to get framed. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.....yeah!!!!!

More second hand in this photo: bookcase, from a lot at an auction, the green shutters (which are hiding a water) second hand store and they were already painted that color.

Speaking of the cold.............

 not a big fan. What I'll be wearing the walk the 3 blocks to work. All this is thrifted, too. My $10 Jones New York wool overcoat, white mohair shawl( bought at a stuff a bag for $5 rummage sale) Russian hat (also from a rummage sale) my sister in law gave me the gloves for Christmas years ago.

                      STAY WARM


  1. The high today was 27. Brrr... I hear y'sister! The real problem for me is I can't wear wool. Waaaahhh!

  2. We were 23Âșc in the shade today. I know it is crazy.
    You look fabulous, my dear friend
    Sending love and sunshine

  3. I feel ya. We actually had like TWO snow flakes here in Texas earlier this week! HAHA!

  4. You look beautiful:)

  5. Hate the cold ... in the north of Sweden were i live we had - 25 degrees celcius this weekend ... makes you wanna stay in by the fire all day .
    you look great in that coat !

  6. Stay warm in your attire!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. I love your unique vintage-style decor!

  8. Sorry! but yes i will laugh at you - 20 for us this time of year would mean almost spring!
    Things are looking up here i think we will get a break from the polar vortex -
    I love looking at all the details in your home
    I like the belt you are wearing with the dress
    Aren't dress great in colder weather, you can layer, so many possibilities
    Great styling, i adore when you do outfit posts

    Keep warm Hahaha! sorry:(


  9. Love it all! Great deal on the Jones of NY!!!