Saturday, January 11, 2014



This month's Share-In-Style is Favorite Color. You can link up at:


My favorite color is black, and white print. There was a time I pretty much wore only black, white and red. Now I've embraced the color wheel. But I still favor black and white prints. I've awful at mixing and matching patterns (even after 20 years in a costume shop). With black and white I can add whatever color I want, and don't have to wonder if I look like a sick rainbow.


 Even the floors and cat are black and white

 Looks great with purple ( my second favorite color)

See what I mean? It's everywhere ( this is a year old photo, I've gone from 6 to 8 dresses)

I think I may finally be over the cold I've had all year. Three cheers!

Went back to work yesterday. We took a field trip to Tallahassee to pick up sewing machines, shop with our student designer and drop some costume pieces at Florida State. We have a trade agreement with them. They wanted some can can skirts and we'll be getting some of the beautiful pieces they have for Evita. It works out great for both costume shops.



  1. I love your kitchen floor, very Alice in Wonderland.
    Black and white prints are fab, I especially love OP-art prints.
    Your collection of frocks is gorgeous and your right, B&W will go with any colour.
    Thank you for your lovely comment over on mine, made me feel very welcomed back after my blog break.
    I wish you and all your loved ones the very best for 2014, here's to a happy and healthy year :)
    Loads of love,

  2. You DO like your black and white prints, look at all those dresses! Mind you, I could easily do the same with red dresses, plain or print, I always feel good in a red frock!
    Good to know you are feeling better, here's to plenty of twirling in 2014! xxxx

  3. Fabulous in black an white, my gorgeous.
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much for joining the fun and sharing your style.
    Love and sunshine.

  4. You are so wonderful! :D

  5. can't go wrong with black and white! Classy!

  6. Looks like you were having fun! gorgeous outfit and radiant smile!
    I so love a b&W floor, so retro!
    Have great day!


  7. What's black and white and checks all over - that would be you twirling on the kitchen floor. Mmmmarvelous. I love black and white too. Your share program is a great idea. And I know you are a pro so maybe you are immune now, but the idea of new sewing machines would be something to get excited about.