Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Last Wednesday, had a sweet shout out to weird doll Wednesday.  She had a lovely post about Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Check it out.

There's a homemade, knitted version of Raggedy Ann. Can't remember where I found her. When I find weird dolls I leave them as found. I don't fix the messed up clothes or clean them up. Somehow the more pitiful they look, the more loveable they are... at least to me.


Here in South Georgia, it's icy cold and raining this morning. We were spared the Nightmare on Peach Tree Street, AKA Atlanta. What a nightmare that is! I have friends that were stuck on the interstate for HOURS!!!!!!!!!! One is 8-months pregnant(she got home fine) The schools down here closed yesterday, no snow for us. And work today, as the university is closed until tomorrow.  Which wouldn't be a big deal, if we didn't have a show opening on Friday.

Stay warm and dry!


  1. I agree with your thoughts about not fixing up the dolls - its like they have been loved and adored and fixing them up will negate all of that. Whenever I see dolls when I am opshopping I think of you :-) hope that does nt sound too creepy ! Hope you're keeping warm and dry, the weather is awful.

  2. She is sweet! I think we're going to get a break from the cold in the next few days. Today it's freaking cold and rainy tomorrow it will be in the mid 70's by mid week it will be 85.... Yeesh.

  3. I totally agree - the more pitiful they look, the more endearing they are. Thanks for sharing this knitted Raggedy Ann!