Sunday, March 1, 2015



You must remember this.........

 After days (weeks?) I finally found a pattern that worked. One problem with using already made clothes, is finding a pattern that fits the fabric. I searched the 5 file cabinets of patterns and found a couple things that I really liked. To bad there wasn't enough fabric. So I made..............

 A floppy hat!

 Perfect for the next festival ( I joke) or Renn Fair (I joke times 2). I did have to go to the fabric store and buy lining fabric and some thread.

 All this was leftover and know I'm thinking about looking for some more printed corduroy and making a patchwork something or other.

 Saw this idea on A Beautiful Mess and had to do it.

The whole project cost about $15 including both plants. And, yes, I wore my new hat to the home store. 

For the first time in ages, I'm sharing over at Hat Attack. See ya later!


  1. mwahaha!! such a cute hat!
    sorry you didn't find a good pattern to use that corduroy print to make a vest por something, it's beautiful!

  2. HA! Ren faire was the first thing I thought of when I saw that hat.

  3. Awesome hat and photo of you wearing it! Great idea for your fabric. And the phone planter is so Marcel Duchamps or Salvador Dali's lobster phone.

  4. That is an awesome refashion, that hat is just wonderful! I love the bottle top table, too. xxx

  5. Your creativity amazes me. I love the hat and the bottle top table is perfection, and such fun. Thank you for sharing your artistry with Hat Attack. You have been missed!!!

  6. Your hat is so cute! And your table gave me a great idea. My son collected bottle caps when he was a little boy and has cans and cans of them, which are up in the attic. Now I have a project--maybe a surprise birthday present for him. (He'll be 26 this summer!)

    1. I've covered other things, too. The glue I used is just Ailene's Tacky Glue, but any clear glue will do. Have fun!

  7. Truly a lovely hat, Thorne! The plush texture with that jewel-tone print is very flattering to your hair and eyes. Are you sure you won't wear it to Renn Fair, perhaps with a cloak in the same color as that sweater?

    Those are very happy bromeliads on the bottle cap table. Is this the top view of the table we saw Mr. Scooty lolling beside last week?

  8. Both the hat and the table look fabulous! xxx

  9. I love how your hat looks like a bonnet at first glance but isn't quite, and that the fabric has all the charm of a Laura Ashley print sans the frumpiness :)