Monday, March 23, 2015



It's Spring Time in my part of America. No snow here. It was almost 90 the other day.


Look! A little baby lime!

 My fingers are crossed that the other flowers turn into limes, too. Sometimes they fall off. The lemon tree was flowers, too.

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs. I love the way it smells.

 This giant plant in the yard started life as one of those "Christmas Trees" that home centers sell in December. It's taking over.

 This one is on the other side of the yard and was also a Christmas tree.

Do you know an easy way to plant cactus?

 Don't pick it up with your fingers. Ouch!!

 Use a pair of old tongs. You can hold them with one hand and plant with the other. Or if you have help, the helper can hold and you can plant. It works great on keeping the plant upright.
That's the McCoy planter I found the other week for 50cents.

 Here's another idea. Use a pretty cup and saucer for a strange plant.

I didn't go to the big Jr. League rummage sale on Saturday. I was in a grumpy mood and didn't feel like dealing with people. But the weekend before I went to a different rummage sale and found a couple of things.

 Santa's to add to the collection.

 And an re-issued of a classic cookbook. Yummy recipes and beautiful artwork. All for $3! That's including the Santas and a weird doll.

Here's a couple of other things I've found around town.

 Another planter, which is sitting on an old thrifted scarf.

Does anybody drink instant coffee anymore? There's no way I could have passed this cute little guy up.

Wish I could have seen the solar eclipse the other day. I have seen one years ago and it's freaky. No wonder people way back in olden times thought the world was ending. 

Enjoy Spring!


  1. You found some cool stuff, I bet that Elizabeth David recipe book is fab.
    I am obviously out of touch, I still drink instant coffee; I didn't realise that was a bad thing...
    90 degrees? Good grief, that's not Spring, that's a heat wave! How wonderful to be able to grow lemons and limes in your garden. xxx

  2. You clever thing, my cacti need re potting! I shall use that trick.Great finds, I'm with Curtise on the Elizabeth David book, she rescued the travesty that used to be British cooking and helped it finally become more than boiled veg and roast meat! x

  3. I loooove me some rosemary. When I was in college I never got up in enough time to make coffee of buy it so I would get a spoonful of instant coffee, add a couple of drops of water to it and take it down like cough syrup.

  4. Your directions on replanting porcupine plants have come at an exceeding opportune time for the Talbotonia brooding on my kitchen shelf! I do envy you the lime tree -- and is that a Meyer lemon tree? I met one that had loads of blossoms, residing in a tub on a sun porch in Ohio.

    A family member once got wrist-slapped by our State Dept for introducing instant coffee crystals to a trade deal with folks in one of the 'Stans. Seems it goes well with yak milk.