Friday, March 13, 2015

WHAT THE........?????????? ANOTHER FRIDAY THE 13TH?


What better day than to post about another creepy graveyard? We visited this one on Wednesday. The Doctor has been finding places near by to visit. This graveyard is about an hour east of town, out in the middle of nowhere. It's called Mud Creek Primitive Church Cemetery. Sometimes around here "primitive" means "snake handlers" (that's a whole other post)


 I don't think I've ever seen a metal marker before. Hmm, wonder what happened to Helen? I know someone named Brogdon, wonder if he's related?

There are about 273 interments here according to a find grave. There seemed to be a strangely large number of infant and children's graves, which was freaking me out.

 This is not snow, but white sand. I just realized that this looks b&w, but it is in color. Lived for a day.

 I've seen a photo on-line of this marker, before the top cross was worn away. Wooden marker, no name = sadness. Who was this person?

 Children's graves.

 See, what I mean? More children, some of these just said "infant last name" Poor things, didn't live long enough to be named. The white building in the background is the church.

 Same family.

 I hope that wasn't too depressing. I couldn't find anything on-line about this area. With so many infants and children I was wondering if some tragedy had happened, but all the graves are from different to  time periods, the most recent one was 2008.

To counter all that gloom, here's some Spring Time

Next time a happy post! 


  1. Fascinating! This site reminds me of the graveyard scene from "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." And yes, Thorne, the 'primitive' denotes snake handlers in my corner of the country as well. My brother was once involved in evacuating a back country area from floods and so encountered an elderly lady living in a cabin situated in a deep 'holler.' As the flat boat pulled away from her porch, she admonished the men, "Mind ye th' sarpents." Brother reports they interpreted her warning when they spied the rattlers draped on her shrubs...

  2. What a sad and atmospheric place. I do love a graveyard, and children's graves are particularly touching. xxx

  3. Hi, Katherine! What photos! I could feel the sadness. I like walking through graveyards. "Enjoy" is not an appropriate word for such a thing, I guess, and yet I do get some enjoyment out of the experience -- the realization that life passes for everyone. Every life has meaning. Every life was real. We don't know the happiness and the pain that passed with each life, but we know it was there! Very cool pictures.


  4. What a bleak place but oddly beautiufl, too. I'm always saddened by the graves of those so young. x

  5. wouuu, disturbing yet interesting place, those faux b&w pics are amazing!

  6. I love cemeteries. Creepy and so fascinating.