Tuesday, April 7, 2015



That is a not to0 subtle reference to what I did this Easter weekend. First off, my BFF came to visit. On Saturday, we Eased on Down The Road to the Fine Arts Building (AKA, FAB) to watch The Wiz. It was great to see all the kids in a show that I hadn't seen before-----and had nothing to do with. They did a wonderful job.

And spring was sprung!

 Here's The Doc standing  by his baby. He planted this Bottle Brush tree maybe 3 years ago. We brought it home in the back set of the car. He's 6'2", I'd call that a success!

 My new rose bush is blooming madly.Most of the other bushes survived the winter and are starting to bud.

 I don't know what these are, but they are pretty.

 The passion flower bloomed for Easter, some would call that a Revelation. I just happen to like passion flowers.

And I can't forget myself. New thrifted skirt, brand new tank top (for Nordstrom, $5) thrifted cardigan, old leggings, and old shoes. The cat sign was found in the trash on the way home from work years ago. It says "Spooky".

I didn't eat too much Easter candy, I swear. I've been doing Zumba for about a month and haven't pulled/strained anything or fallen over. If I could only tell my right for my left, I'd be better at it. It is fun and in 6 months I may be able to get through a workout without getting my arms and legs tangled up.



  1. What gorgeous plants! I know very little about gardening but they're very pretty and the Doc's tree is very impressive! xxx

  2. Do like your spring greens and blues ensemble! Teal is 'your' color! have no idea what the little flowers might be, but your roses are lovely and the Doc's tree is an achievement. It's heartening to see everyone emerging from their winter burrows!

  3. Everything there looks so springish! The tree, flowers, your open-toe sandals, your smiles. Refreshing! I tried Zumba once and it was a challenge. I definitely get tangled. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  4. Hurray for Spring sunshine and blooms, and for you, looking lovely in green! xxx