Monday, April 27, 2015


Because I'm so busy or a slacker.

 This shows runs through May 4th. Some of these photos are mine and some are from Julie Bowland the gallery director. There was a lot of people in the gallery and it was difficult to take pictures of the art. Here are some of the ones I really liked.

 Art by Amber Hudson, photo by Julie

 Art by Shauni Redfearn, photo by Julie. I love Shauni's art.

 Not sure of the artist, photo by Julie

 Back view of Shauni Redfearn's piece, photo by Julie.

 Another of Shauni's pieces, photo by me.

 By Amber Hudson, my photo.

 Huge piece in the hallway. Don't know who did this one. My photo.

 From the front. My photo. Some of the crowd in the background. It's great to see how much support the art students get from the university, parents and the community. There are over 90 pieces in the show. Everything from paintings, pottery, jewelry, video art, you name it, it's in the show. Now that said, only about 30 pieces were for sale. This seems to happen at all the student shows. They don't want to sell the best pieces. One of the things that makes you an artist, is selling your work. I guess they'll get over that.

This past weekend, I went to 2 Senior Showcases for the theatre and dance students. Seven dances on Saturday night , all from student choreographers. All wonderful. And Sunday afternoon was the Musical Theatre kids, 9 graduating Seniors. Who know this small university had so many talented kids? I have no photos, but take it from me, it was awesome.

Have a Star Trek drink one me, until next time


  1. There's some great, thought provoking bits here. xxx

  2. Fascinating bits of assemblage here! So, too, the bottle-top table (with shells and ?) holding up the drink from Zorp. Do tell us more about that table sometime.

  3. Wonderful art pieces. Yes, parting with work can be a big hurdle to success. Heh. You already knew how talented the students are from your work with them in the theatre, didn't you? But how great to see them showcasing themselves in other disciplines as well. They are lucky to have you as a supporter.