Monday, April 13, 2015



I sometimes think the answer to that is "Nothing". Not true. 


 In the past 2 months, I've read these books. 8, but the Game of Thrones ones are so long ( over 1,000 pages each) do they count as 10 books? The one with the glare should read; City of Dark Magic. Maybe I'll re-read The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings next. Haven't read that since high school.

 Got a new driveway on Saturday. Also on Saturday we were driving around the country side and found a thrift store out in the middle of nowhere, it was doing a booming business.

 Found this giant-size table cloth. That's The Doctor's head. It had some staining, which mostly came out, but for $2, I couldn't let it sit there. It's a map of German castles.

 Another green planter. Another $2. Yes, I may have a problem with green planters, but I use them.

 Today was take the plaid to the dry cleaning day. It happens every 2 years. From left to right: vintage jacket: AKA The Horse Blanket, vintage not a shirt/not a jacket, probably vintage by now black watch shirt, the rest are pretty newish. The Doctor loves his plaid.

Who loves free stuff? I was at a charity shop that gave the costume shop some vintage awhile ago, the volunteer recognized me and said she'd been tiring to get hold of the shop, because she had a bag of vintage to donate. I told her that I don't work there anymore and she said look through the bag and take what I want.

 Awesome maxi-skirt. If it fit I'd wear it.

 Beautiful coat with a fur collar. There were other pieces that the shop would be able the use, and besides I didn't want to be greedy.

More stuff that I found awhile ago ( to busy reading Game of Thrones to post, haha). Cinderella shoes, which I don't think are vintage and a groovy tie.


  1. The drive looks great as does that Richard Hell book. I think I'm the only person in the world not watching Game of Thrones!
    Love the souvenir cloth and that fab maxi and coat. The Doc is spoilt with all those shrts, too. x

  2. I have a confession I took a day off work for the release of the last game of thrones book. It took me a solid 18 hours to read....far better than the series

  3. That tablecloth is amazing! Love the funky print on the tie and the great maxi skirt, how cool to be offered free vintage! xxx

  4. The coat didn't fit? Ratz! Better luck with the maxi!

    The castles are fantastically detailed. I wouldn't have left it behind for twice the price. Hmm. Could it serve as a shower curtain, properly lined?

    The green planter thingy would make a suitable background prop for your weird dolls from Zorp...

  5. love that castles table-cloth (it would work nicely as a curtain?!)
    and such a pretty plaid collection!, yeah, plaid rules!
    wish that maxi skirt fits you, it's a fabulous piece!