Sunday, October 11, 2015


All production photos: Genny Wynn, who also designed the lighting.

Set: Ruth A. Brandvik

Costumes: Esther Iverson

ENJOY! (The photos are out of order)

 Ariel (Larren Woodward) and Prospero(Vaughn Stevens)

 With The King of Naples (Daniel Griffin)

 Prospero, Sebastian(James Burch), Antonio(Ethan Glass) Caliban(Nathen Bush) Stephano(Austin Vickers) Trinculo(Demetrice Cunningham

 Boatswaine(Brandon Chandler) Gonzalo(John Sanders)

 Miranda(Alexandria Thomas) Ferdinand(Wendell Hester)

 The Nymphs(Risa Ramsey, Mikaela Brielle, Lizzy McCullers, Haley Aguero)

 Trinculo, nice hat.

 The Magic Garment and light up staff. 

 Ariel just hanging around. 

 Casting Sea Witch spells

 The King of Naples and Gonzalo

 Larren Woodward(Ariel) is a wonderful ballet dancer and had no problem hanging around. Here's the finished dress and all that trim! I made the suit Wendell is wearing in 1992! (I think it's older then he is)

 All the ship wrecked nobles. The dinner table flips over when they reach for the food.

 Antonio and Sebastian hatching a plan. Sewed the trim and buttons, made Sebastian's pants and vest. I made a lot of vests.

 The King and Gonzalo. I made all of Gonzalo's costume, the king's vest and hand sewed all trim on the coat. The buttons. too. Two more vests!

 Creepy harpies scene

 Antonio, Sebastian, Adrian(Joshua Joyce), Francisco(Nick Baggarly) Gonzalo

Iris, Ceres and Juno. Not the best photo of the goddesses, but you can see Juno flying in. 


  1. Magic! The costumes look as real and solid -- as the nets and leaf-lace of the set appear surreal. How odd it must feel to see a suit made in 1992 pulled out for another tour of duty! And how gratifying to know your fingers stitch a lasting spell!

    1. Thanks! And seeing that suit, I can see how much better I am at sewing. It's a wonder it lasted so long

  2. Oh yeah, magic! The costumes, the lighting, the set... It's amazing how much work and passion go into one production, and then before it's over it's on to another. Astonishing. Well done to everyone. You must feel great having had a hand in this.