Tuesday, October 20, 2015


No, it's not a new photo app. My camera is freaking out. I showed it to our photography faculty and he said 'Yep, something's wrong with your camera".  He had no idea way it's doing this.

Good morning, Mr Scooty

the camera turned upside down.

 Maybe I'm now making art? Anybody have any idea why this is happening? The camera is a canon power shot and it's an easy to use point and shoot, I'll probably end up buy a new camera. I would welcome suggestion on a replacement camera. I don't need anything "fancy".


  1. That's what happened to mine in India in 2014. No idea what the problem was, we bought a new one.

  2. I think your camera has been taking hallucinogenic drugs - those photos look decidedly trippy! Not got a clue what the problem is but I think you're going to need a new camera... xxx

  3. You've been hacked by a crew of high-school kids from Zorp. Might one suggest an expedition to the local pawn shops? That's where the good cameras go to cool off...

  4. It's possible that accidentally one of your camera's art filters has been turned on. Do you have a manual or can you find online? See where your effects/filters are and make sure they're all off. If they are, you are screwed, unless you want to be an artist, in which case you are also screwed. Hahaha! I love your photos though.

  5. This is your camera on acid. I think it's cool!!