Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Here's a happy fellow. Even with his feet nailed to a piece of wood, he's still smiling.

To top off a rather boring 4 day weekend, I got a jury summons yesterday. Next month I get to go to the court house bright and early and then who knows what happens. The first time I was summoned, I didn't have to go, because I was going to be out of the state working. I'll go do my civil duty this time.


  1. Yes, that's one way of attaching a doll to the stand. Ha! He does look rather cheerful, doesn't he?

  2. I'm only 30 and I've been summoned to jury duty 6 times... And that doll looks like smug wanker. LOL!

  3. Guillermo the Guatemalan, perhaps? He, at least, has not been summoned for jury duty and appears rather smug about his escape. Moi, I've been summoned more than once. I've been excused because I worked in media and not only read the articles but wrote a few of them --- and because I've cited my Quaker background and rather than swear in, have stated, "In accordance with the practice of the religious Society of Friends, I do affirm..." Freaks out the lawyers for reasons I can't fathom.