Monday, January 2, 2017


Here's hoping 2017 is better than 2016. We had a lovely vacation. We were gone from Dec 14- 31. Yes, we flew home on New Years Eve. Unpacked, watched Kathy Griffin embarrassing Anderson Cooper for the 10th year and went to bed.

I took some photos (duh!) and will make 2 posts. Weird Doll Wednesday will be back on Wednesday.


 Yeah, a cheese store. We ran an errand with our brother -in-law to pick up  cheese for the homemade lasagna. It's a tradition.


 Some of the choices. We got goat, mozzarella, and pepper Jack. They were out of ricotta. The pepper Jack wasn't for the lasagna.


 The Doctor not posing. Yeah, right. A shopping trip with friends on 4th Street in Berkeley. Surprisingly not very crowded.


 The Child Brides. Me and Elissa.

A trip to San Francisco? Why of course.


 North Berkeley BART station. Oh, goody, a 5-car train the week before Christmas. It was really fun standing up the whole trip.

I wanted to see the Bruce Conner exhibit at SFMOMA. So I twisted the Doctor's arm and we went.  

 No photos allowed in the 18 galleries. This is the entrance sign. The exhibit was incredible. Lots of odd, weird assemblage's and photos.

Took photos for some other works.


 Three Elvis' by Andy Warhol. Probably my favorite pop artist.

 Posing with Marlon Brando, also by Warhol

 Diego and Frida by Frida Kahlo. Which was painted in San Francisco in the 1930's. PSST; don't tell Andy, but she's my favorite painter.

The highlight of our trip was meeting our new great-nephew, Yossi. He turned 1-year old in November. We went to Little Farm at Tilden Park for an adventure.

 Yossi meeting a cow, with his Mom, Christie. I also feed the cow and it licked my hand. That was a strange feeling.

 Christie and Yossi. Note the baby cargo pants. He's taking after his uncle, The Doctor.

Riding the beautiful wooden Mountain Lion.

Next up will be the second half of the trip: Christmas and a beach trip. 


  1. Welcome back! What a fan time you had. Little Yossi is gorgeous.
    I had to smile at seeing PG Tips on the price list - the British staple! xxx

  2. How much fun!! Art, animals, and family, although sometimes the three categories tend to overlap at least from my experience. Heh. Home-made lasagna, yum! And adorable Yossi. This trip was a great idea. Great to see all of you.