Monday, January 23, 2017


First off, we're fine and our area seems to not have had damage. There were 8 tornadoes that wrecked havoc in South Georgia. The first one hit around 3am. It did this:

photo by Nathaniel Maine

 This was the Sunny Acres mobile home park. 11 people died. This storm was not playing. At last count 19 people were killed. Including a friend's 2 family members.

Here are a couple more photos. All taken by Kristin Patten. The photos are from the local newspaper's website.




As I said we're both fine and there's no damage to our house. It looks like it could have been worse. At one point, right at the end of the storm, the wind started to whistle. Not howl, but whistle. That was a weird sound to hear. And it was strange that our power didn't go out. Weird, right?


  1. I've escaped two tornadoes, Thorne, so I've heard both trains roaring and whistling. So many years later, one can still spot bits of debris in trees if one knows where to look. A tiny farmhouse down the road lost its front porch and living room wall; however, a photo frame and dainty vase still stood neatly on the mantelpiece. Weird!

  2. glad you're ok!, it looks like a real disaster, so sorry about the people!

  3. OHMYGOODNESS! I am so afraid of tornados. No, they do not play. I am glad you are okay. I am so sorry for those affected so terribly and especially those killed and their families. How tragic. We had a tornado go over our house when the kids were little. It was unbelievable. Did not even touch down, but I heard it, got the four children in a closet with myself. When we came out, finally, a 100-year-old tree had been pulled from the ground and laid across the end of a neighbor's home. Was just crazy. Again, I am so sorry for everyone who suffered loss.