Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It was so much fun to spend 3 days with my niece and her son. On the Thursday before Christmas, we had a family get together with The Doctor's brother's family. 10 people in a tiny living room, cozy.

On Friday,  Christie's husband, Ray joined us. We had early presents. Yossi is only a year old, so it was technically his second Christmas.



 Grandpa and Grandma Ravera.

 On Christmas Eve the whole neighborhood is a wash with candles. This has been growing year by year.


 Random work of art. An alley in Cairo, Egypt painted by my mother-in-law from a photo she took.

 My sister-in-law and I share a love of jigsaw puzzles. So does Mario.

Wednesday after Christmas, we took BART to Castro Valley to have a sleep over with Neil and Elissa. This time we sat the whole way. The next day we had a day trip to Half Moon Bay. Beach trip in December? Yep. Turned out the be the warmest day of the trip, 68 and sunny.

 The Doctor and his new trekking sticks. They fold up and fit in the suitcase.

 Rainbow surf! Half Moon Bay is about 25-30 miles south of San Francisco and is shaped in a crescent. When I was a kid, back in the early 60's it was a fishing village. Now it's $$$. There are some fun places to shop and lots of cute B&Bs.

We had lunch here.

 But inside sitting had over an hour wait. Remember my weather report? 68 and sunny?

 Take out window and picnic tables. Maybe a 20 minute wait. We had fish, of course and it was amazing.

After that I was taken on a forced march up a mountain. Ok, it was a hill.

 Mavericks is a big wave surf spot. The biggest waves outside of Hawaii. Not that day.


 After the hike. Yes, I hike in cashmere. Mavericks is behind The Doctor's head. There was a couple of surfers in the waves over my right shoulder. Guessing that the surfers are 6-feet tall and the wave was twice their height....12 foot face. Not big enough for the contest.

The next day, Neil and Elissa took me for a farewell lunch. We went to Oakland.


 Here, Chalita Linda on Telegraph Ave.

 Taco. One fish, one chicken, blackberry/lime aqua frecsa. Yummy.


All the trash cans where decorated with skulls.

We had an awesome time. Now back to work today.

Everyone have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


  1. You definitely had a good run-up to the new year. I feel the warmth in these photos. I noticed the art right away in the photos too - I love the piece by your mother-in-law. And kitties with puzzles, ours loved them too.
    Back to work! Yes, which isn't so bad when you love your job.
    Happy New Year back! I hope it's a great one.

  2. I'd recognize your beautiful grin in a crowd, Thorne. That, and all these family snapshots, got my chilly morning off to a warm beginning.

    I'd definitely hand your MIL's painting on my dining room wall -- can't say better than that!

  3. I'm loving your photos - the pretty candlelight, Mario the cat, The Cairo back alley! I used those Nordic poles a lot after my hip replacement, They were great. I should get them out of the shed and follow the Doc. xxx

  4. beautiful pictures, it looks like a fabulous time! (jigsaws and a cat!, tacos and seaside sun!)