Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The play by William Shakespear, incidental music by Fleix Mendelssohn

Lot's and lot's of photos. Here goes.

All the photos are by Genny Muncy

 The Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, musical director Howard Hsu.

 Theseus and Hippolyta (Prof Joe Mason, Lee Lamb)

 Hermia, her Father, Egeus and Demetrius. (Sarah Mott, Marcus Colon, Daniel Griffin)

photo by Paul Levy

 Helena, Lysander, Hermia (Allison Roberts, Austin Vickers, Sarah Mott) Our student assistant, Christie Jo Mayo (student assistant #1) made both dresses.

 Junior Fairy Ensemble from The Valdosta School of Ballet

 Titania's fairy crew. (Alexandria Joy, Ursula Trasorras, Haley Aguero, Rebecca Walker, Megan Foose, Stefan Daniely, Taylor Thomas, Wyketa Evans)

 A fairy and Puck. (Alexandria Joy and Wendell Hester)

 Oberon. (Prof. Karl Wildman)

 Titania. (Lizzy McCullers)

 Puck sprinkling fairy magic on Lysander.


 Oberon encounters a sleeping Demetrius.

 Bottom (Prof Duke Guthrie)  Titania, Oberon.

The beautiful lights were designed by our alumi, Elie Seigel.(MFA University of Cal, Long Beach)

 Dr. Tamara Hardesty, soprano and Dr. Dorea Cook, mezzo-soprano sing Titania to sleep.

 The Fun Bunch, aka The Rustics. Cassandra Stowe, Vaughn Meccod, Jung Soo Park, LaRon Foy, Prof Duke Guthrie. Cassandra is Student Assistant #3 and made her own costume, including the corset.

 Cassandra Stowe as "Wall".

 Terrance Searcy as "Lion".

 Prof. Guthrie and LaRon Foy as "Pyramis and Thisby"


 Jung Soo Park with the dog, moon, and tree.

 After an all-nighter, the couple get together and it's happy ever after. For some reason they always seem to lose their clothes.

Photo by Paul Levy

 Happy ever after!. Three wedding!

 Last but not least, those dresses I made. Choir on the right.....

 and on the left.

 Here's a lovely shot of all the fairy dancers.

And the attendants. Tsung Ju Clark Yang (student assistant #2) , Ashley Green, Kasey Copeland, Stephanie Stanley, Jordan van Dyke.

Man, that was a ton of work. But was a major success! Yeah, us!

Now the fun begins again. Tomorrow, The Boss and I are spend most of the day at the Hot Mess Warehouse, going to try and get it all tidy. Wish us luck!



  1. Finally a play I've seen and know well! the costumes are fabulous. well done to all of you. xxx

  2. Everyone seems to be enjoying their participation in this production, Thorne! The costumes are indeed a visual treat, exactly what's required to transport an audience into the other-world of Shakespeare and Mendelssohn. Could we get a closer view of the sleeves on the choir's dresses? Is that a very appropriate leafy lace?

  3. Wow! It's a bit overwhelming to think of all the work that goes into a production like that! And look at the dresses you did! Great job!

  4. WOUUUU, that's such a fabulous play and I would love to watch it 'in person', but the pictures are amazing!, love all those magnificent clothes (whoa, there's a big amount of clothes involved in this play!) particularly all those fairy costumes!