Sunday, April 16, 2017


Midsummer Night's Dream was the biggest production we've every done.

55 piece symphony

32 actors/soloist

11 girl fairies

15 piece choir.

plus all the backstage people around 25.

47 costumes.

I started on men's costumes. This is Lysander's coat and vest.





 Finished! Yep, we use ugly fabric on the inside.

 And his vest.

I moved on to Theseus' vest.

 All the vest we make have real welt pockets. No faux crap around here.

 Back of Theseus' coat.

 And the front. I didn't finished this because I jumped over to the choir dresses.

All 15 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 They covered all sizes from 2-24. Each bodice had to be flat lined, serged, sewn together, fitted, then neck facings attached. That's where they are in this photo. Next.............

 The skirt got a placket up the center back and was hand pleated to the bodices. Then I carefully took the dress off the dress form and sewed the skirt to the bodice. After another fitting, the hem was set and the sleeves were added. #6 hook and bars were then sewn on the back, no zippers, it's a period show.

 Awaiting to be finished.

 22 corsets drying after the strike.

There's a lot of production photos, which will be in the next post. I know you guys enjoy the "backstage" process.

The costumes weren't the only cool part of the production. One of our students, Erika Moore, got to design the make-up. Here are a couple of her ideas. These photos are by Genny Muncy.  


 Glitter make-up and flower petals.

 She learned how to do airbrush make-up

 In the production photo I tired to pick photos that showed more of her work. After all she won a make-up award from the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival. And The Boss won for costumes ( the second one this year, as she  also won for Into the Woods). Yeah us! 


  1. Gorgeous girl, fab facepaint!
    Cor, you'll need a holiday after all that creating. xxx

  2. This is amazing!! What wonderful work! I am inspired.