Friday, June 9, 2017


Remember this from a few years ago? The floor I put in by myself? Well, it started to fall apart. We called a flooring place and they started putting in our new floor on Monday. 

 When I came home from working, the fridge and stove were here..........................

 And the kitchen looked like this...............

 Can you say "take out"?

Were are the water heater and washer/dryer?

 In the back bedroom, with the doors to the closet. Good thing we don't have kids!! And to all the people that thought we were weird for not taking out the other water showers in the master bath. So I could go to work for 2 days clean.


 Here's the new floor. Yeah, it's still black and white squares, but it's nice vinyl and the squares are bigger. 

 We did have an unforeseen moment. When the stove got put back in, it was sticking out about an 1" too much. Just enough so the drawer wouldn't open. The flooring guys came back and spent about 45 minutes getting it  back were it was. Seems these an old unused electric outlet that was sticking out. The joys of having an old house just keep on coming.


  1. I'm a fan of black and white kitchen floors! Ours are quarry tiles and bloomin' cold on the feet on winter mornings but don't they look smart? Yours looks great. Happy new floor! x

  2. Black and white kitchen floors are classic and classy, Thorne! And "unforeseen moment" is a classy way of describing a large pile of problem in the path of a project. (Mine was an awkward round hole in the laundry floor. Floor fellow espied an unused wooden cup tree in the garage, poked it in the hole and glued it down. Plumbers, et al, have been surprised to encounter the upside down tree thingy in the crawl space every since.)