Wednesday, June 21, 2017


So, how's your week going? Mine's stress, stress, stress with a side of WTF? Yes, it's Tech Week for My Fair Lady. 1St Dress is tonight (thank you, Theatre Gods that I don't have to be there). And shows are already selling out!

Last week I was going to post a Dr.Who he is!

Rory Williams dressed as the Last Centurion. There's a long 2 part episode were Rory stands guard over his wife, Amy Pond, for 2,000 years. Did I mention it's a time traveling fantasy? Dr. Who is the second best TV show ever ( yeah, Game of Thrones being #1).

Shortly I'll be posting show photos. Stay tuned.

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  1. And what about "Last of the Summer Wine" as my entry in the long-running British telly series competition? Oh, and lest we overlook "Dixon of Dock Green"! But anyone who mentions "Dr. Who" must name their favorite Dr. W, so I'll post Pertwee edging out Baker -- but only by a smile. Hope all went well with the rehearsal!