Monday, December 17, 2012


The beautiful gifts I got from Noelle in Utah. I'm going to be a good girl and wait for Christmas Day to open them.
I can't believe someone would get rid of this awesome homemade pillow! It's mine forever now.
I've had the flu on and off since Friday, all I've been able to do is lay around and sleep. Guess the kitchen isn't being painted this break either. On a happy note; our university's football team won the championship for Division II for the third time since 2004......go Blazers!


  1. Great that you got your pswap present to cheer you up.
    Get better soon, gorgeous.

  2. What a exquisitely wrapped pile of pressies, can't wait to see what's inside.
    Get well soon & well done to the footie team. xxx
    PS Off to Google Fayette Hauser!

  3. Gorgeous wrapping - they look too tempting. You ARE being good!

  4. How patient of you to wait, I can't!
    Hope you feel much better soon. xxx

  5. Get well soon! I should've made a CD for my swap, genius idea xxx

  6. I hope you get over the nasty flu quickly. What a rotten time of year to get the flu, but I guess that's when it strikes most often. I had it a month ago or so. Would have been nice to have kept the 8 lbs off I lost over night but once I started eating again it just came right back. ha!

    Have a great Holiday!