Monday, December 3, 2012


It's the last day of classes, and I get the next month off. I've been sortenizing* the costume storage and have 2 new assistants; Sweaty and Dusty. Which is why I haven't been posting outfit photos.
I wore this to the Christmas party last night. One of my co-workers asked where my fascinator was. Geez, it was business casual!
Dress, jacket, pins and Hermes purse: thrifted. Is it real? It says "made in France" and was $2.50, so who cares. The rug is from ebay and is the only thing I've ever bought there.

Just because it was casual, you didn't think I go naked, did you?

Bought this on Saturday at a hole in the wall charity shop, $2

A church was having a craft sale and I got these. The kitty was $0.25 and the ornament was $2

Here's a better shot. Made from old cards. I make these from old Christmas/birthday cards. Cut circles, score 3 sides, glue them together. The bigger the circle, the bigger the final ornament

Silk robe and Chinese jacket $6. The jacket can with crappy poly pull on pants, yuck.
* sorting and organizing


  1. Great outfit, loving all the bling! Your finds are gorgeous, I'd have snapped up that silk robe, cat and Chinese top in a heartbeat.
    I used to make those recycled baubles with my Grandma, I haven't seen one in years! x

    1. I can't toss out christmas cards, I don't get hat many, and I love making stuff, it's a no brainer

  2. Whooo - LOVE that mountain of sparkle arkle bling!!! Have a lovely break! Sarah xxx

  3. Bit in love with that silk robe. Bargain - what YOU'VE MELTED ARRRRRGGGHHHH xxxx

  4. Great finds! And that is neat how the ornament is made! By the way, where is your fascinator?? :) xoxo Lynn

  5. Lovin' the outfit- and the fact you got a fancy Hermes handbag for cheap! It is pretty awesome looking too- the first thing I spied when I landed on your blog page. Happy Holidays!