Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Me and Santa probably 1959. Check out my little handbag! Damn I look cute and do not remember my cute outfit. I think this was taken at The Emporium in San Francisco, the building is still there, but the department store is long gone. I think Nordstrom took it over.

My swap gifts from Noelle in Utah. The lady's hair is pussy willows, way cool. Thanks, Noelle!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
PS: look for a special WDW tomorrow!


  1. Oh you look so cute with Santa!!!!
    Happy happy Christmas and may the new year be filled with love and happiness.
    Thank you for all the comments in squirrel land.
    Love V&W

  2. love that photo of you with Santa, fantastic swap parcel, well done for waiting to open it