Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Grumpy when the photos didn't come out good.
The one of Armi the Armadillo came out pretty good

My Hanna Anderson clogs, I've had these  for years.

Herself getting in the act again

Mr. Scooter Bug looking skinny.

Finish these 4 vest this afternoon?

No problem. On the done rack

Happy face at the end of the day.  Leftover homemade piping? Put it on your head!

Yesterday's jewelry: The green disk is wood. I made the seed bead necklace. The necklace on the left is from World Market and the earrings on the right are too, maybe.The silver cuff is from Fire Mt. Gems and everything else is from friends. I was wearing a dress I've wore about 5 times, so who wants to see that again? Not me.


  1. Ha, I love your grumpy look and I am more than a little impressed with your speed on those vests.

  2. The vests are great! You got a lot done!!!


  3. Nice to see you busy at work and then some celebration with the hair piping. Very crafty of you! ha!
    Those clogs are awesome. They hardly look a day old. You take good care of your shoes obviously. I remember my first pair of clogs in 1976. I was a junior in high school. I felt too tall in them though!

  4. Congratulations on getting through your sewing. I like that satisfied face!

  5. You look cute in that top photo! Your kitties are identical to my Stephen Squirrel, he never looks slim in a picture, though, too lazy!
    Those waistcoats look incredible and the pink clogs rock! x

  6. I love all your photos!I'd like to have the armadillo in my garden, it's beautiful! Your vests are amazing too, great work, they deserve your satisfaction!

  7. I like the first photo - nothing wrong with a bit of bitch face now and again!
    Well done on getting those waistcoats finished, and how better to celebrate than by wearing piping in your hair?
    Black'n'white kitties are so adorable! xxx

  8. Wow - are you making those for a theatre production? they look exquisite!

    1. Thanks. The play is The Would-Be Gentleman and it open Nov.8th. Yikkies!