Thursday, October 18, 2012

 GIVE ME 4 DAYS OFF.......

and I'll bake a pear pie (pears, sugar and cardamon)
Weed a flower bed and find plants I thought died.  Is that lavender?

Roast corn on the stove top and not set off the smoke detector.

Make Tandoori tempeh

Act my shoe size, not my age

Embarrass Chris
Partice and I talked him into taking the costume lab next semester. One of these days the ceiling will be put back up in the hallways.

Close up of the jewelry I was wearing. It's lapis and carnelian and is Afghan. I've had it forever and can't remember where I bought it.

 What I was wearing is things I found when I did the Big Closet Clean Out of 2012. The skirt is from Lane Bryant, top is Adrienne Vittadini bought on sale from DIllard's, the sweater was thrifted. What I'm holding is a Hello Kitty tot bag I use as a lunch bag, $1 from Target. It was Wednesday and my assistants and I have a picnic for lunch out under the trees. Rebecca came by and took 2 shopping bags of clothes from the clean out. So, I have 3 bags to donate. We're moving right along on the next show. I've been taking photos of one of the costumes from drawing to finished and will be posting those when the show opens. I thought it would be interesting to see what goes into making a period costume.


  1. Amazing necklace. And the pear pie looks delightful. You have been busy! xxx

  2. Great bit of gardening there and I'd love to come and eat with you, your food looks delicious. Loving the jewels (well, you knew I would) and Chris is so cool! x

    1. Chris is also one of the sweetest kids you'd ever want to meet. And that's his everyday mode of dress. You're welcome anytime!

  3. I'll come for a piece of pie. It sounds delicious. And I look forward to your posts on the costumes.