Sunday, October 21, 2012


But I got Ray (AKA, The Doctor) these sweet leather Converse. Original price $125, marked down to $89, half price sticker, plus $10 off coupon......$37.

And I got this free tote bag. Thank you, DSW
Got some more books. The Scandinavian one is from 1960 and I swear the fist line is "Not very long ago Scandinavia was of little interest to Americans" You're welcome. The knitting book is from 1953, there's a couple of cute patterns I may have to made this winter. And with 750,000 copies sold, somewhere somebody has stuff made from this book just waiting for a yard sale. Jo Nesbo, because he's awesome.

The Road Warrior was on TV last night. Here's a photo of Mel. The movie is 31 years old. Dang, I saw it when it first came out, talk about feeling old. Hope everybody had a fun weekend, I worked today......awe show biz.


  1. it's a kick to rewatch Road Warrior! And those shoes were a great bargain!

  2. I was about 20 when that movie came out. I was fascinated with their costumes. How grungy dirty they looked but oh so cool.Mel is such a cutie.

  3. You lost me there, I only know it as Mad Max 2! Love that post-apocalyptic style, shame about Mel and his odious views.
    Great score on the chucks and I do love Jo Nesbo, one of my blogging buddies met him and got him to sign a book for me! xxx

  4. I am reading The Leopard at the moment, nearly finished it, I love the Harry Hole series. Great Converse.
    Shame Mel turned out to be such a twit... xxxx

  5. Leather chucks for $37 ???? That is an absolute bargain!!!! Well done:). Jo Nesbo is one of the authors I'd like to explore, but I have a mile-high stack of books to get through first:/. The Road Warrior was released in Australia as Mad Max - I believe Mel's shooting the fourth film (good grief!) in Africa at the moment.