Sunday, October 7, 2012

What do you do about a chain across the yard?


We think the former home owner put this chain up to keep people from walking across the yard


So, I yarn bombed it

I made these flags from cheap yarn  and left over projects. The no longer trendy eyelash yarn was 37 cents!

Blooming madly, think it's called a firecracker plant


Crepe Myrtle tree, covered in Spanish moss. It gets lacy pink flowers all over.

What month is it? Sunday between 10:15 and 11 am I did some weeding. It was 79 degrees F with 75% humidity. I might change my name to Sweaty Betty.  One day it'll be fall down south. (I think it's snowing in Minnesota)


  1. Brilliant stuff!!!

  2. Knitted bunting, genius! Can't believe it's still so hot where you are. xx

  3. You have definitely friendlified that chain! I should stop complaining now about the cool weather here... Time for you to have a tall glass of iced tea. Mm.

  4. What a great yarn bomb! You did great there, bet everyone feels happy walking past it.
    I wish i could have some of your heat! x

  5. I would do a detour just to go past your fabulous yarn bomb everyday!!! I do hope the owner has the sense to keep it in situ, it's gorgeous! Oh boy, I have that heat and humidity to look forward to! xo

  6. Yay LOOOVE that fab yarn bomb - now you've got me thinking about what I could bomb... Sarah xxx

  7. Tee hee - love the yarn bombing idea! What did your neighbour say?

    1. Neighbours? The college kids across the street don't care and the people who live in the apartments wave and smile.

  8. The chain idea is amazing! What a lovely adition to the neighbourhood!