Sunday, October 13, 2013




This past month was a pretty busy one for my family. First off, about 4 weeks ago,  my niece Kay married her sweetheart Danny. It was in Reno, which is about 2,500 miles from here. I couldn't take 5 days off from work, but the Doctor went. To bad he doesn't like to take photos.

              Here's Mr. and Mrs. Salerno.(geez, I hope I spelled that right)

                    First dance as Mr and Mrs.

 Kay dancing with her dad, Gary. The Doctor's youngest brother.

                  Kay and her mom. Misty.

The reason I couldn't go was the dance concert was breathing down our necks. I get down time, but it's sometimes not in the right space. Here's a new photo of the dance called Attic Antics

 Five little girls get bewitched by the imps in the attic. The image on the screen is motion capture that one of the art department faculty did. He filmed 2 dancers then changed them into imps. The girls get turned into monsters. Sorry the photo is fuzzy

 The second part of the ballroom dance was a cha cha. I do love the 80's sequin party dresses! Both dance photos by Sarah Wildes Arnet.

The Homecoming football game and parade was the same weekend as the dance concert. Seeing as The Doctor is now a big shot he got to be in the parade

 He's always sooooo dignified.

And our newest family member made her appearance on Friday. Say "Hello" to Annadella Lila Morris!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She needed a bit of oxygen  and is now fine.Those tubes look pretty scarey but she only needed them for a short time. Her mom is the older sister to Kay, aka The Bride.  Shila and Chad have a set of twins, Em and Wes who are 3. I don't know where "Annadella" comes from, but "Lila" was the name of my Mother-in-law and she would have been Great-Grandmother .

Wonder how exciting the next month will be?


  1. Weddings, dancing, parades, AND a new baby? How exciting! Congratulations to the happy couple, the new parents, and to the Doctor! xxx

  2. Oh, how sweet! A new baby and a beautiful bride! The bride and her mother both have beautiful skin. Wow! Will try to join you today in Weird Doll Wednesday. Just have to get my post done! :)

    XOXO Lynn

  3. hello sweet baby♥♥