Saturday, October 5, 2013

".........$20 IN MY POCKET"


On Friday, before work, I walked over to the Salvation Army and got 8 items for under $20. Here's the receipt  to prove it.

 Sometimes I think people don't believe me when I tell them what I pay for some of the dresses I wear. My new dress cost $2.99. Here's want else I got.....

 Vintage short sleeve man's shirt.......

 2 vintage sweater vests and a short sleeve turtle neck sweater

                 Wool sport coat. Geez, lots of brown and tan.

 My new dress. Which I hope I can wear next week. It looks way better on then on the hanger.

and a sweet cropped cardigan.

The 8th item is a pirate shirt from International Male which is hanging with the costumes for the next show.  It's the "puffy shirt" from that Seinfeld episode ( I've never seen that episode, but someone told me about it)

Until next time........


  1. great scores, I saw a pirate shirt the other day and now regret buying it. Yes I remember the Seinfeld episode. Looking foward to seeing you wearing the skirt!

  2. Tank tops, that's what us Brits call them!
    I bet that dress will look fabulous on! x

  3. Oh yes you SCORED!!! I can't wait to see you in hte dress--it looks gorgeous!!

  4. Man, $2.49 at our goodwill here will get you a shoe lace. The prices here are ridiculous! Lucky you!!

  5. I know! people don't believe me sometimes too
    We have a $2 sale this week at Sally Ann's downtown Montreal
    For sure i will go!