Tuesday, October 8, 2013



I bought this dress last Friday for $2.99. It looks like *meh* on the hanger

 Totally looks great on. It's from a company called Susie in the City.

 The knot wrap detail in the front gives it a lot of shaping.

 Random cat photo. Sleeping Mr. Scooty

Here's another dance I designed. All 8 costumes where pulled from stock. We've had the green and blue dresses for years. The one on the right started life with an ugly lace with bows bodice. I took that off, added some sparkles and braided straps. The one in the back got the long sleeves removed and some sparkle added to the front. Cost for all 8 costumes? $0.00. Yeah, I altered a couple of vintage dresses. So, sue me. I don't see the point of letting costume pieces hang in storage, rotting on the hangers when you can change them up and use them in shows. I also did the costumes for the cha cha number (no photo yet) that was also the same 8 dancers and those costumes also cost $0.00.  As a costumer, I'd rather pull from stock and spend money on period shows or musicals.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. That dress looks amazing on you! A total steal. Always good to see a gratuitous cat picture and those frocks are gorgeous. x

  2. That dress looks freaking amazing on you!! The little detailing in the front just adds some shape and "camoflauge".
    Cute Kitty!!
    the costumes are gorgeous. When my daughter danced her dance techers no qulams about recycling old costumes to keep the costs down!!

  3. The dress DOES look good on you. The only change I would make is a black bead necklace to make those dark tones pop.

  4. Oh yes, that dress is wonderful on you, really flattering - good find!
    Of course you have to recycle costumes, why not? And don't they look beautiful?
    Mr Scooty is a darling. xxxxx

  5. Yay, the dress, it looks lovely on you !! You are so clever reinventing those dresses into costumes. Cute cat photos are always appreciated.

  6. Whoa, that dress fits you like a dream. Your eye was right on when you spotted this gem on the hanger. And once again, I can't believe you took care of all those dreamy gowns. Awesome. Cats are the best pre-heaters of sofa seats - not that you would dare kick him out!