Thursday, October 3, 2013


Here's an old postcard of Anna Pavola in The Dying Swan costume. The dance was her trade make piece.  

 I stood in front of this costume (or one of them)  at the dance museum in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003. I had to come up with a more modern version


 tutu, feathers, trim and more feathers. Thanks to ebay, we found the tutu for $55!
The rest of the pieces were from old, beat up costumes. We recycle like crazy.

the first idea on the dress form. We decided to shorten the over fabric so some of the tutu shows. 

  Done!      photo by: Sarah Wildes Arnett

Another view.  Danced by Haley Sheppard. Photo by: Eric Brandt Neilsen, who also choreographed the piece, from Fokine's original work


  1. Ballet costumes are so beautiful. Love the old photos of Pavlova, and your new version is gorgeous. xxx

  2. oh wow, both costumes are just beautiful.

  3. What beautiful costumes. Love the postcard. x

  4. It's just exquisite! Pavlova is beautiful just like your creation!