Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Because it's Easter week. Not that I'm religious, but for some reason I really like religious art. Must be the lapsed Catholic upbringing. 

I have a large collection of Infant of Pragues. This is 4 for them, I've packed them away, ya know, de-clutter the house. I find them second hand, except for the little red one . My sister-in-law bought that for me on a trip to---wait for it--Prague! The one front and center was bought at salvage store in Berkeley Ca, called Urban Ore. The 2 in back from on-line auctions. The large one is holding a St George  banner I got in Athens Greece.  I have a couple that are planters(?) and one that has a beautiful dress, those are packed away. They are usually pretty cheap, because the fingers, and crosses are broken off. But who cares, I sure don't.

Have a lovely rest of the week.


  1. THIS is right up my alley! I love all sorts of Catholic things (except the growed up Jesus statues) I'm a sucker for this one, and Virgin Mary images. LOOOOOVE your collection- let me know if you'd like to pass 'em along for a vintage trade of goodies! xo.

    1. After I packed the rest of them up, it was "Duh, should have taken photos of them, too"

  2. I love a bit of religious tat! x

  3. I don't think you have to be religious to like religious imagery - what a great little collection! xxx

  4. Hi! I've never posted before but I read your blog. When I saw those Infants of Prague I had such a memory of them. My mother, who is half Slovak, got gifted with one of those statues when I was a kid and I remember her making these gowns (dresses?) for it. Even as far as making ruffles around the neck and around the wrists of the statue and displaying it on her dresser. I didn't understand the reason for the outfits and still don't but she was so happy with the statue. I thought it was weird and still do. I was brought up Catholic and I guess back then I just accepted the statue worship.

  5. These are real beauties Thorne. They seem to have secrets don't they.